Food and Culture Discussion Series (Not Just for the Body)

Introducing “Not Just for the Body”: a series of gatherings hosted by the Hotel and Restaurant Museum focusing on food, consumption and our relations to it.  Inspired by the multiple ways of learning, gathering, connecting through eating and consumption rituals, the series will work with art workers and practitioners who emphasize consumption and gathering in their practice to take over the space and share their rituals and knowledge with the gatherers. 

Some points of emphasis have been decided in the series, pertaining to diasporic relations, migrant experiences, understanding of belonging, and ways of realizing liberation through food. These themes have influenced the title “Not Just for the Body,” moving our relationship to food from being one focused on body-fueling consumption, to a method of reviving familiar practices, building communities, and better understanding our past, currents and collective futures. 

The first series event will take place in August. More information soon! 

Photograph by Yasmin Ibrahim taken in Fayoum, Egypt. 2024. 

The series is part of the Hotel and Restaurant Museum project, which has received funding from the Finnish Heritage Agency.